We offer components and modules,
design and marketing for

lasers, optics, and RF applications.

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Our services

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and marketing

Our experience sales engineers are calling on local costumers, and are in close relationship with key programs. Over the last 30 years we positioned ourselves as strategic vendor for leading projects in Israel.

Manager and employees

Consultancy to R&D teams

Our professional background allows us to design products in costumer systems, at the R&D stage. Development teams enjoy our support generate solutions for their products.

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Custom made

Arsuf Electronics provided various solutions for components and modules custom made, per specifications. Such as custom Laser drivers, Laser arrays, Sensors, Q switch, Laser ROD and RF amlifiers.


Warranty and after sale service

We provide warranty for all products that we sell. Including technician service for equipment.

Our Partners

We invite you manufacturers‎ Of RF and electro optics components

To join our team and build a sustainable business In the Israeli market.

About Us

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The co. was founded in 2008 and we offer strong support to multinational companies operating across ISRAEL by staffing dedicated sales engineers that call on accounts in our region.

Arsuf Electronics is engaged with the high tech industry leading with value added solutions to our customers together with our valuable list of vendors.

Our expertise is in fields of OPTICS ELECTRO OPTICS RF AND MATERIALS.

Avi Schiff the company chief engineer with many years of experience and knowledge is well-known to R&D
Groups and so leading his field technical staff to long term successful contracts.


Avi at the exhibition

We are involved in laser applications for medical security and defence offering laser arrays, laser rods ,q-switch, laser drivers and collimation optics from our principle NORTHROP GRUMANN and others.

For UAV and SATCOM application we are offering compact high spec power amplifiers from our Principle AA-MCS.
For AUTOMOTIVE and INDUSTRIAL applications we are offering carbon fibres and prepregs.

We look forward to serving you.

More then 30 years. This accumulated knowledge is continuously creating many success stories for all concerned.

Our Customers

We invite you R&D engineers to challenge us

And offer you solution with non-standard Components\modules