Expancel Microspheres as a lightweight filler will add volume without significantly adding weight, many times with a positive effect on the final product properties. Our lightweight fillers allow you to substitute heavier substances with small portions of Expancel expanded microspheres and achieve better overall results. This means making true quality, lightweight products without sacrificing volume. And saving big on raw material costs in the process.


Our microspheres, decades in the making, are thermoplastic particles with shells that encapsulates gas. This will make your product not just cost effective and light but also add numerous other benefits.

They expand at temperatures ranging from 80°C – 235°C (185°F – 455°F) for a range of advantages and a host of applications.

A blowing agent bursting with benefits

  • A fine cellular foam structure for excellent performance at low viscosities
  • Stable foaming during processing
  • Shorter cycle times for efficiency in production
  • No post-expansion or sink-marks for high quality end results
  • Beautiful surface finishes for products that meet a high standard
  • Different particle sizes for smooth, or less than smooth, surface results
  • Helps to insulate sound for less noise and reflect harsh sunrays for a cooling effect