LUNA Optoelectronics


Luna Optoelectronics’ optocouplers are ideally suited for high performance audio circuits. Most “design-ins” have demonstrated proven performance benefits over silicon based audio control devices such as VCAs and FETs.

The optocoupler is a very cost-effective way to improve the performance of your audio equipment.

Audiohm optocouplers are manufactured using a photocell as the output and an LED as the input. By varying the chemistry of the photocell layer and the electrode pattern, Luna Optoelectronics makes photocells with various characteristics. By matching the LED and photocell characteristics, couplers are produced with different breakdown voltages, resistance and response times.

We supply a number of standard parts, however we can also fine tune (by selection) the individual performance of a device for a specific application.

The correct selection of an optocoupler depends on the application parameters that the designer requires.

In determining the most appropriate product, one must include the following in the analysis:

    • Digital or Analog Mode of Operation
    • Is distortion an issue?
    • New design or replacement device
    • Ideal performance specification in terms of speed and resistance range